Sofa/Chair Cleaning

A sofa is considered to be one of the essential furniture that is present in the living room that you might be having and hence it is quite vital that you keep it clean and shiny. We at Alfa, completely understand the following aspects and thus we provide the services at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a professional sofa cleaning services in Delhi NCR, at a very low price, Alfa is the best option to contact. 100% quality service.

All of our services are performed professionally by our team of experts. Our expert cleaner would inspect your sofa and thus provide you with dirt-free, spotless and almost a new looking sofa once the treatment has been performed. Our sofa cleaning services in your nearer areas include sofa scrubbing by the use of an eco-friendly solvent, sofa sanitization, and sofa drying all the comfort of your doorsteps.

Why choose us for the Sofa cleaning services in Delhi NCR?

If you wish to keep your sofa clean and hygienic, then it is necessary to keep it dirt-free and clean. So, here are the reasons why you should choose us for sofa cleaning services in Delhi NCR.

  • We are certified and top-rated professionals who are providing top-notch sofa cleaning services in Delhi NCR and its nearby areas.
  • We make use of gentle and eco-friendly products during the process of sofa cleaning.
  • You would be top quality services at a very affordable price.
  • We implement cutting edge technology during our work process such that the drying time of the sofa is quite less.
  • To provide the best customer service experience is our goal and thus we are available round the clock for our customers.





Fabric Sofa Shampooing

Rs 250 / Seats

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Rs 300 / Seats

Cushion Small

Rs 75 / Cushion

Cushion Middle

Rs 100 / Cushion

Cushion Large

Rs 150 / Cushion


The Dust particles seem to disappear in our furniture, especially the chairs and tables. Making environments such as offices, houses, schools, and hospitals, etc are very important. Furniture cleaning is one example of the environment. Nowadays time is so important, so people are looking for the best chair cleaning services provider in Delhi NCR, and its nearby me locations.

A human being in such an environment is susceptible to developing allergies, cough, sneezing, itching, etc. We spend most of our day in the office continuously signing/filing papers, typing away proposals on our computers, etc. While we’re working very hard to earn our incentives, the allergens settled in the chairs and tables are working up to our faces quite easily to cause a lot of discomfort.

Why Alfa for chair cleaning services in Delhi NCR?

Regular vacuuming is required to remove dust particles from the surface but a well-shampooed chair will ensure a clean and healthy working environment. We, Alfa are the best chair cleaning services provider in Delhi NCR and its neighborhood areas. Affordable prices and 100% quality service.

Our technical team has vast experience in this field and we always use quality chemicals to make your furniture dust free and hygienically. We believe customer satisfaction is the path of any success and we have been implementing this strategy for many years.





Official Chair

Rs 80 / Chair

Manager Chair

Rs 125 / Chair

Owner  Chair

Rs 150 / Chair

Dining Chair

Rs 150 / Chair



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