Facade Cleaning

India witnesses extreme weather conditions that can leave dust, wind, and rain to be strained on the Facade. So, for quality and affordable facade cleaning services, Alfa is the best service provider in Delhi NCR. 100% Results Guaranteed.

Facade cleaning can be quite a time-consuming task and at the same time quite dangerous as well. Hence, a lot of customers ignore the need for Facade cleaning. But, in the long run, the condition of the Facade can deteriorate if proper maintenance is not done.

We will leave no stone unturned to restore the look of your property by providing you with a clean and sparkling Façade. 

Why is Facade cleaning services in Delhi NCR?

The facade is considered as a very fragile material and if it is left unattended for a long span of time, then it can lead to permanent damage. Besides this, the surface of the facade is highly prone to scratches and at the same time, it can attract a lot of dust and thus gets difficult to clean.

Facade cleaning is quite a specialized job and thus it requires proper attention. It is often seen that a lot of Facade cleaning agencies in your nearby areas use the same set of tools to clean the Facade and thus end up destroying the top layer of Facade.

Facade Cleaning Services Price List

Type of Cleaning Sizes
up to (in SFT)
up to (per SFT)
Facade 5000 Rs. 10/-
5000-7000 Rs. 7/-
7000-8000 Rs. 6/-
8000-100000 Rs. 5/-
Window-glass 1000 Rs. 10/-
2000 Rs. 8/-
3000 Rs. 7/-
4000 Rs. 6/-
5000 Rs. 5/-
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